Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas 2009

I what you are thinking..."Did Santa visit the Grimes household or did they just skip Christmas?" No we did not skip Christmas. Yes, Santa came to see us! Hunter and I have always loved Christmas and there is something about having a little one to share it with that just makes it so much fun. We had a wonderful Christmas. We listened to the Alabama Christmas CD...specifically "Thistle Hair the Christmas Bear" for days and loved it. We bring out that CD while putting up the tree and don't dare stop listening until the day after Christmas. WHG was a little under the weather Christmas Eve and pretty cranky Christmas day, so at first he was not really interested in his loot. And because we videoed most of Christmas morning, I don't have alot of pictures. We spent a lot of time visiting with family and friends which just makes Christmas for me.
WHG and his friend Grover playing during our Sunday School party.
WHG helping Daddy open gifts at MawMaw's Christmas Eve.
Do you see his boots? John Deere sponsored WHG's Christmas (ha, I wish). The boots are from his Mommy and Daddy and I must say they are a hit with this little man. There have been only a handful of days that he has not worn them since he opened the box! He wore them all morning with his Santa on a bucking Bronco PJ's. He brings them to you and says boots!! as he sits down in front of you for you to put them on.
My friend Lynsey turned 30 and we celebrated the day after Christmas with a surprise party.

I could not leave out this last one. We took this before Hunter and I went to a New Year's Eve party. WHG was saying "cheese" and notice of course his boots!

Hope that you are having a Happy New Year thus far!!


Shonna said...

Ooooo...ALABAMA Christmas CDs!!! WE LOVE THEM!!! And Caroline favorite is The Little Drummer Boy turned up loud and proud:) Glad y'all enjoyed Christmas with your handsome little fellow!!

Tara said...

Thank goodness, Gin! I was having WHG withdrawals from the lack of blogging!! Bless him with those cute little boots. Loved all the pictures! And have I told you how much I was smitten over your Christmas card? Oh my goodness he has my heart! Now if only I wasn't 4 hours away from his cute little self and his sweet mama!!!!! But I'll be seeing you in about a month and CANNOT WAIT!!!