Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clampet Christmas

I'm really not sure if I am spelling Clampet correctly, but anyway we kicked our Christmas off Clampet style this year. After a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a nail biting Iron Bowl (WDE!!!), we decided to buy our Christmas tree from Aunt Leigh and Uncle Dale's friends, the Mims. They have some beautiful, large Frazier Furs that were freshly cut. However, there was just one problem, we were picking this tree out in the Loveliest Village on the Plains... I know, we are nuts, we drove 200+miles with this tree tied to the top of the Tahoe....Clampet Style!!

WHG picking out the perfect Christmas Tree!

And much to my surprise, the tree has survived thus far, It really is beautiful and I love our ornaments that we have accumulated over the past 6 years. WHG loves to "look" at the tree. He points to different ornaments and says, "ball?", "deer?". It is precious.

We had a visit from Santa last week while cousins, Winston and Sam were here. The visit was not appreciated by Winston or WHG...they screamed and went running. I feel terrible, I thought it would be so much fun...needless to say it may be a while before either of them are ready to sit in Santa's lap. (I 'm not sure I would have sat in that Santa's lap either...)I did manage to get a picture of all three boys though in their sweet shirts....made with LOVE by Smitten and Co. aka Aunt TT!!

Santa did bring some trucks for Winston and William that help their feeling afterwards. Sam is so sweet, always content...I'm not sure he is real fired up about be sandwiched in between these two though.

This is just a funny picture of William yelling at the trucks as they pass by in front of the house. He loves trucks and he loves our dogs...hence the special tee as tribute to Jack and Lucy.

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Tara said...

That handsome fellow has my heart!! Hope you're enjoying Christmas with him this're in for a treat because this age is so much fun! Just makes sure Santa isn't anywhere around! :)