Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lots of Birthdays and One Anniversay

October is filled with birthdays, Mama Quette's was Oct. 3, Nicholas turned 30 on Oct. 10, Aunt Hannie's was Oct. 22, William's friend Grover Jay Wells, was born October 24, Hunter and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary on Oct, 25, Tara Verdigets (aka Aunt Sixty) had a birthday on the 27th, and Auntie Jess is celebrating today and Shonna celebrates tomorrow!! We want to wish a very a happy birthday to everyone celebrating this month. The pictures below are a special shout out to Jess, for making sure that William is well educated starting at an early age. I am pretty sure he is a baby genius!


Julie said...

Hunter was telling us at Russ and Claire's party that y'all would be celebrating five years on Saturday the 25th!! {This was during the time you went to see Kat perform at halftime}!! Happy 5 and counting!! Happy Birthday to everyone!

I was glad to see William back at school today. Sawyer was missing him! He looks VERY interested in his book. CUTE!

Shonna said...

That's the cutest pumpkin ever and thanks for the birthday shout out!!!

Jess said...

THANKS FOR THE birthday shout out! I had a great birthday! I glad that William is already reading...hahaha...getting an early start!!