Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Beautiful Easter

We had a wonderful Easter and I hope that everyone else did too! Hunter and I spent Saturday working in the yard. Well, Hunter worked and I potted two plants. It was so beautiful and I am in loving the spring weather.

For the past several years, Hunter's parents and their neighbors, Dr. Charles and Nancy Eldridge have hosted a sunrise service beside the pond between their houses. It is always such a beautiful experience and this year was no different. We arrived for sunrise service a little after 6am for coffee and breakfast and at 6:30 while the sun was rising right in front of us we had a wonderful sermon and special music. When I was younger getting up for a sunrise service was not high on my priority list, but now I would not miss it. There is something so special about being outside to worship and remember the resurrection early on a beautiful Easter morning!

After attending our regularly scheduled worship service and hearing a beautiful Easter Cantata, Hunter and I were off to Opp, AL for the big Easter Egg Hunt. Hunter's mother's side of the family has a huge Egg Hunt in a cow pasture every year. Watching the kids run around and hunt in under everything for that prize egg is great. This year, my favorite part was seeing the newest additions to the family, Amy and Nolen Jackson's twins Will and Clay.

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Shonna said...

Good picture of you and Hunter. Glad to see I am not the only one running behind on my Easter post...see you Saturday!!!