Friday, February 10, 2012

October 2011

I am going to backtrack and share some pictures of the boys from the last 6 months. It is extremely hard for me to find time to update the blog, but I feel guilty for not doing it...for not keeping a better record of the things we do and how fast the boys change.  I guess it is just part of being mom of two, wife and working woman, but I could definitely benefit from a time management class. In the meantime, you will just have to bear with me and relive Halloween in February.
A couple of pics from our trip to Dream Field Farms 2011.  We met some our friends from church there, but the only one I have a picture of is Sylvie, but what sweet picture it is!

My sweet husband took me to Rosemary Beach for our Anniversary.  Hunter and I were married on October 25, 2003.  We honeymooned in Seaside because I had to be back in Montgomery for Law School the Thursday after our wedding.  Until our honeymoon, neither of us had spent time at the beach during the fall and now it is our most favorite time to go!  Russ and Claire joined us for our little adult getaway weekend and it was WONDERFUL!  I have never seen 30A look so pristine!  Aaahhh, I would love to be there now.  Thanks to Nanny, Pop, Meme and Uncle Chuck for entertaining the boys.  We celebrated 8 years of pure bliss; right Honey?!!

 Jackson and his Aunt Kat after half-time at the Andalusia v. Opp Game...she always leaves her mark on my boys!
 William wore his Buzz costume to Grover's aka Spiderman's birthday party.

 Who knows what is carved into my pumpkin?  I did that all by myself...Hunter had his doubts.  And how sweet is that baby pumpkin sitting beside it?!
 A true highlight of October 2011 was sweet Henry's arrival.  Henry Burke Martin came into the world with more hair than Jackson has now!  Love that sweet little man.

I bought these shirts because they were "boyish" owls. This was just one morning before school when they happened to be in a good mood at the same time.  And yes, I plan to get away with as much matching as I can before William thinks it is not cool.

We dressed the boys as Buzz and Woody for Halloween and did some trick-o-treating in our neighborhood with friends. Quette and Grandaddy stopped by before we started and Nanny and Pop walked with us some.  Then we headed over to Bellwood to visit MeMe and Uncle Chuck.  When William decided he wanted to be Buzz for Halloween, I thought, "great, this will be easy...there is a Buzz costume at Wal-Mart for $10!"  However, when I brought it home, the first thing William said was, "where are my wings?...I have to have wings." Soooo, daddy to the rescue.  Hunter cut up a UPS box from the office, spray-painted it green, attached some elastic and walla...."to infinity and beyond!"
 William, Ollie and Row visiting Ms. Claire.  Sweet Ollie got to where she was letting William go ahead so that he would not knock her over with those wings of his.  He finally realized what was happening and started turning sideways so she could get by.

 Our last stop was our neighbors, The Andrews.  Kiley was just arriving as William was finishing up, so naturally William was a gentleman and rang the bell again so Kiley could "trick-o-treat at Mr. Michael's!"  Kiley is William's best friend at school.  I love it because I can always count on Kiley to keep William in line and let me know when he does not follow instruction.
 "Woody's" daddy will not like this picture, but I need a full shot of Jackson in his costume.  I hand stiched the vest (don't be impressed...a little wine will make you think you are a seamstress)  No cowboy hat for this Woody, it was too cold and Mommy insisted on the tobogan.  We borrowed the boots from Grant Henderson, aren't they precious?!
Whew...that is October.  Give me a bit and I will work on November.

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