Monday, October 3, 2011

1/2 Birthday!

Sweet Jackson is 6 months old!! Just a couple of fun facts to help us remember.  Jackson is about 17lbs and longer than his brother was at this age.  He is babbling something that sounds like "Dada"...I'm sure that Mama is next.  He sits with assistance and he just started rolling over from back to tummy.  However, when he gets to his tummy, it does not take him long to get mad.  He can roll back, but most of the time is too angry, so William will help him.  He is eating baby food and loves sweet potatoes just like his brother did.  He is sleeping okay.  He started out really good, but has started to pick up some of his brother's terrible sleeping habits.  Jackson loves William and I believe the feeling is mutual.  William will not spend-the-night away from home without his baby brother.  Before Jackson came, William loved to stay at Nanny and Pop's.  Now, if we bring it up, he says he has to go with his baby brother.  William can also make Jackson giggle like nobody to my ears!

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Kelly said...

Ginny, he is so stinkin' cute! Looks like one happy family :)