Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter 2010

Just a few pictures from our Easter weekend. We had lots of family in town to celebrate with. Most of them helping us with a little home project!! We had an Easter egg hunt at our house on Saturday both for William, Winston and Sam and for the big kids, too. One special birthday girl, found a prize egg with a key to her very own car in it! Can you believe my Sugar Bear aka Kathryn is 16! I am just now getting to where I don't tear up when I see her drive off in the car by herself (don't tell her though!).

When she opened her prize egg, she said, "Who has a Honda?!" Duh, B-day girl, YOU DO!

We had a wonderful dinner with family Saturday night and then woke up early to attend the sunrise service at Mama Quette and Grandaddy's Pond. C.T. Eldrige gave the sermon and it was such a wonderful service as always.

William did not feel well Sunday morning, hence the reason for him being uncooperative for pictures. This is the best I could get before church.
We went to Opp for the BIG Easter Egg hunt, but left before they hunted eggs, cause William was not in the mood to participate. Thankfully, after a loooong nap, he perked up enough to play with the new golf clubs the Easter Bunny left for him.

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