Thursday, February 18, 2010

Won't you be mine?

Who would refuse this sweet Valentine? I sure can't.
His Aunt Kat can't resist him either....and he knows he has her wrapped!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day Weekend. It snowed between 5 and 6 inches on Friday, so Hunter, WHG, Aunt Kat and myself spent the day playing. WHG was not a big fan of the snow once he figured out he could not push his lawnmower in it. So we watched Daddy and Aunt Kat build a snowman and have a snowball fight through the window.
Watching the snow fall ALL day long was so peaceful. We took lots of pictures of the house, First Baptist across the street and our church, First United Methodist...the churches look so majestic to me. I wanted to be sure and document our surroundings...who knows if we will see anything like this again in our lifetime in this neck of the woods.


Just some updated info on how much our little man is growing...WHG weighs in around 27lbs, he has only grown up since his last dr's appt. He is like 33ins tall maybe? He is talking up a storm and will attempt to repeat anything you throw at him. William can name most animals, but you have to listen carefully to things like elephant to know what he is saying. He also says, "apple...A." He loves our jeep...did you know we were jeep people...turns out we are. Hunter got a jeep to hunt on, but WHG says, "I ride my jeep." He gets a little angry in the mornings now when his daddy says they have to ride in the truck...he would so rather ride in the jeep. One night as we were putting him to bed...he was already asleep...he started talking in his sleep and said, "I ride jeep."
Getting ready to ride the jeep and check all the snow. We have to go and look at all the tractors and "big, BIG! trucks." William is obsessed with Semi Trucks and Tractors.

Here is a picture of WHG with his partner in crime, Grover. They shared raisins in the nursery Sunday at Church and then got down to business playing on the sit-n-spins.


Tara Verdigets said...

First, thank you for Blair's Valentine sweet William! Second, where did your Mommy get that precious owl outfit that you have on!?!?!? Oh My Word!

Jennifer said...

What an angel! And what a precious owl outfit! He's such a little man!

Tara said...

Loved the post! And those snow pictures...goodness, that's gorgeous! Little man looks too cute (as always) in this V Day shirt! :)