Friday, September 18, 2009

You know we love some AU Football!

WHG sported his jersey to school the day before the first game.

And for those of you who don't believe that WHG is not ready for a sibling...see below.

He will however guard the beer boxes for his daddy at tailgate!

And this is his new shirt he wore today to get ready for the AU v. WVU game! See you on the plains. Oh and good luck to Aunt Kat tonight...we love you!


Kate said...

absolutely adorable!

Shonna said...

WAR EAGLE William!

Nancy Williams said...

These pics make me want to jump in the car & rush to AU!!! Nanny

Julie said...

Oh, Ginny, considering I LOVE YOU GUYS so much I won't say anything negative about AU, but instead I'll comment on how adorable William is regardless if I we disagree on our team of choice. :)
We haven't seen y'all in a while so we need to get together soon--just not tailgating. LOL!!!

Quite comical pic of William and Winston guarding their Daddys' drink of choice. :)

the jewells said...

He is definitely a cutie! LOVE the chair cover! ;)

Tina K Rogers said...

can i say you have the cutest little boy!!! i enjoyed having him in the nursery sunday! ivy has a dress w/ that same tiger on it! precious! War Eagle!