Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend. This is good considering that on Thursday before Easter, WHG had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed. He handled the surgery well (and so did his parents). He was such a trooper all weekend. On Friday, I finally caved into the requests of William's daddy and his Nanny and we took William to get his FIRST HAIRCUT. His hair has been hanging in his eyes and he had the beginnings of a mullet. The haircut was a requirement. Even so, I was still sad to see him looking like a little boy instead of the sweet baby that he is. Of course we took pictures and videoed the whole thing.

Happy to play with Dolly after getting his big boy hair cut.

On Saturday, Hunter and Joseph took the boys down to the pond for their first go at fishing.

Sunday was busy, but great. It began with a look at what the Easter Bunny left for WHG.
Then we went to sunrise service at the pond. This sunrise service is always so beautiful and this year was no exception.

After church, we ate lunch at Nanny and Pop's and visited for a bit before heading to Opp for the big Egg Hunt in the cow pasture.

To say the least, we did not stop all weekend long. When we got home from the egg hunt, William and I took a long nap while Daddy watched the Master's with Pop, GreatGranddaddy, Uncle Dale and Uncle Chuck.


Tara and Felix said...

Did you ever think you could love a mullet so much in your life? Blair has had the begining stages of one as well. I could eat that little mullet up!

Jess said...

There is nothing like an egg hunt in a cow pasture......Can't wait to see you in just a few days!!!!!

Ginny said...

I did love the mullet...I cried when it was gone...but unlike Blair, WHG cannot wear a bow to keep his hair out of his eyes. Why is it so hard to cut their hair for the first time...I think because it makes him look so much more like a little boy.

Jess, know you are jealous of the egg hunt...I can't wait to see you either!!

The Earnest Family said...

i cried and cried as well when we cut owen's for the first time. they look like little men after it. we might as well start putting them in suits and ties. :)

looking forward to seeing y'all soon!

Beth said...

William is just beautiful! I love his big boy haircut but I know what you mean. It was hard to let them cut John Luke's the first time!

Chuck and Mary said...

William, Meme just loves the hat!