Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9 Months!!

Were has the time gone?! My little man is growing so fast. Here is a rambling list of some of the things he is doing now.
He has been sitting up all by himself since about seven months...still not interested in crawling. If he can't lean and reach what he wants...so what, he will play with something within reach instead. If he leans a little too far and ends up on his tummy, he will play for a minute or two and then he gets angry. I think he may be a little spoiled? William loves to "run" in his toy that cousin Winston let him borrow. I will have to figure out how to post a video of him "running." I really think that he may just skip crawling...you will understand why if I can figure out the video thing. William can say "mama". This makes his Daddy a little jealous, but I don't think he really knows what he is saying. He babbles a lot and he does this sort of growling thing. William is a good eater; he eats cereal in the morning, a vegtable at lunch and a vegtable and fruit at dinner. And of course plenty of milk throughout the day. Still no juice...he has not been a fan so far. We will keep trying with the cup as gets older.
William gives big, sloppy, wet, open-mouth kisses. Sometimes he will grab your face with both hands and come in for the kiss...it is the most precious thing ever!!
He has started noticing the lights more and will just throw his head back all of a sudden to check to see if they are still there.
Never say never...Something I swore I would never do is have a child that sleeps in my bed...well, we have an exception to the "rule." Anytime after 5am, if William wakes up, he can come and "sleep" with Mama and Daddy until it is time start our day. It is really some of the sweetest moments that we spend with him. He will role into either one of us and hold on to our pj's as he sleeps for just a little while longer.
Time just keeps flying by. I try to stop and just stare at him all along and take in exactly how he looks, sounds, smells...what a beautiful and wonderful gift from God he is. Such a blessing...thank you God for my sweet family and sweet William. I love you William!


Julie said...

Awww....William is precious indeed. He must have taught Sawyer how to give those big open-mouth kisses, along with those tiny hands that are placed on both side of your cheeks in order to pull you close to him--Sawyer does the exact same thing and I L-O-V-E IT!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooo much for coming to our rescue on Friday night. We appreciated it--You're the best!

The Earnest Family said...

look at my boy! he's so handsome! can't wait to see him again soon. we love y'all!

Jennifer said...

I swear he gets cuter by the day! Love you!

Tara and Felix said...

what a doll!! He looks like you to me! I can't wait to see him. I hope we can see you guys at the end of march!