Sunday, November 23, 2008

AU v. GA weekend

Last weekend is a perfect example of why we LOVE going to Auburn to visit Aunt Leigh, Uncle Dale and Elizabeth and why we love tailgating. I had a drs appt in Montgomery Thursday afternoon, so we went on to Auburn Thursday night. Hunter's youngest sister, Hayley, has been working for Auburn Network for four years now and one of her jobs is to help at "Tiger Talk" on Thursday nights. So, since we were in town early and it was her last Tiger Talk (can't believe she is a Senior) we went to watch her in action. Me, Hunter, William, Uncle Dale, Scoop, Valarie and Roy all were there as Hayley's fan club. It was fun to see Hayley in her element and WHG got to have his pic made with Coach Tubby!
On Friday night, we continued Mister Daddy's birthday celebration with a little surprise party at Leigh and Dale's house. Leigh made buzzard posters to put all over the house and we had Hunter a "Happy Flocking Birthday!" We had a full house with the "Savannah Crew", Jess, Jennifer, Russ, Claire, Hannah, Joseph, Winston, Hayley, Hannah (roomate-not sister), the O'Donnels, the Langstons, the Gantts, the Cauleys, Nanny, Pop, Aunt Kat and our wonderfuls hosts, Dale, Leigh and Elizabeth. {Disclaimer: I am sure that I left someone out and I really apologize!} The Gantts gave Hunter a couple of presents that he really loved! And Kathryn and Elizabeth played happy birthday for Hunter on their flutes.

Tailgate was cold...but wonderful as always. We had camp stew, boston butt and much more. The company was great...even the GA fan company! Hal and Meredyth came from Montgomery, Kayla was there and both sets of WHG's grandparents joined us this week.

It was a wonderful weekend and we just want to say a very special thank you to the Lockliers for hosting another great football season....William's first of many!


Lori said...

Sounds like you guys had a really good time. I'm glad that Hunter had such a good birthday!! WHG looked so cute in all the pictures. (Of course, I didn't like the Tubby one but WHG looked cute anyway! LOL) Sounds like a great weekend.

Julie said...

Now that football season is about to end, maybe we can get in a play date with the boys soon!!! I am glad that y'all had a great time. P.S. I am sure that's the cutest baby that Coach Tubby has ever held for a picture!!!)

EllisFamily said...

Happy belated to Hunter! William is growing so fast...he's precious! Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Shonna said...

Hope you and the little guy are feeling better this week!!!

Tara McClendon said...

Fun times! Glad Huntra had a great birthday celebration in AU. Love that picture of WHG and Tommy!!!