Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Auburn Club of LA

Hunter and I have been involved in getting our local Auburn alumni club up and running again in our neck of the woods. Along with Nancy Eldridge, Katherine Taylor, Kevin and Chrissie Duffy, Sam Starr and Sister Schubert we have been working for over a year to establish a local Auburn Alumni Club. So, after lots of planning, last Monday, the Auburn Club of LA (lower Alabama) hosted its first annual Scholarship Golf Tournement.
William with his Aunt Hayley and Aunt Kat
Playing golf is exhausting!

The golf tournament was a great sucess. After the tournament, we had our annual meeting at the home of Sister Schubert Barnes. Former Auburn Center and local celeb, Joe Cope was our speaker. We had a lot of fun and we hope to see our alumni club grow so that we can help kids from south Alabama experience the loveliest village on the plains!! I want to encourage any local Auburn readers to come join us. We will have a tailgate party for one of the away games.


Shonna said...

War Eagle!

Tara McClendon said...

WDE!! Way to get it going Ginny! Can't wait to see you next weekend in B'ham...I call first dibs in WHG!

Julie said...


Ashley said...

Way to go, you Auburn Tiger! What a cute little boy too! PRECIOUS!

The Earnest Family said...

congrats on a great job well done! you and hunter should be very proud. however, i do have to say...."Go Dawgs!!!!" :)