Monday, April 28, 2008

A Prego's Version of OOC

As you have probably read on my friends' blogs (Tara Verdigets, Tara McClendon, and Jess Putnam) the weekend of April 18-20 was OOC 2008. For those of you who don't know what I am referring to, this is a girls only weekend that myself and my closet college girlfriends plan once a year. We just spent the 3rd annual OOC weekend at Rigsby's family beach house on the bay in Orange Beach. Let me just tell you, it was heaven for this pregnant woman. It was a weekend full of relaxation, good food, catching up, and a few surprises.

We start planning this weekend as soon as the previous year's weekend is over and this year was no different. OOC 2008 was originally planned for High Point, NC where Rigsby and her husband Chip live. However, with my current condition, the dr. strongly suggested I not fly from South AL to NC at 35 weeks prego. So, I told the girls in January I would be a no show this year. I was so so sad, but trying hard to follow dr.'s orders. But, the girls were not going to stand for that and within a few emails the weekend's location was moved just two hours south of Andalusia to the beach house. (I know I have wonderful friends!!) So, the countdown began and finally the time for OOC 2008 arrived.
Myself, Tara, Jess, Jennifer and Rigsby all arrived Thursday night and spent Friday grocery shopping and preparing for the rest of the crew to arrive. I slept late Friday morning for the first time in months. Vacation mode had definately kicked in. Friday night, Anna Kate, Tara V. and Blazer arrived and we had a wonderful "supper" as 61 said.
"patiently waiting"

Saturday the weather was beautiful and we took advantage of every minute of it. There were bathing beauties everywhere and then there was, large and doing my best to endure the sun. I'm fair-skinned to begin with, so the sun and I are not great friends unless I am covered in 50+ sunscreen. But, still with the correct preparation (sunscreen and shade) I love to be outside. However, I was not prepared for being outside in the sun in my "moomoo" and in my current condition aka prego. I took a little break from the sun on the screened porch, but rejoined the bathing beauties when TT (being the creative mom that she is) made me a tent to shield me from the sun. Whoo, thanks TT, I was suffocating! So, with the large one well taken care of...let the catching up begin. As is tradition, we spent hours talking about everything from jobs to babies.

"Prego's Tent"

Shortly after all of the sharing was over, much to my surprise 61 was ordering Anna Kate (she is pregnant too, but you can't tell yet) and I up to shower and off to the grocery store. I thought to myself, wow she sure does want "supper" on time tonight. Little did I know that my dear friends had a SURPRISE baby shower planned for me upon my return. It was sooooo sweet and so very unexpected. It is amazing to have friends that love me and my family so much. William will be riding in style in his orange carseat and stroller thanks to all of his OOC aunts!

"William's ride"

Saturday was concluded with a Mexican fiesta and a pep rally. We looked at old pictures and talked about our choice of clothing in college...what were we thinking? Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast together and said our goodbyes. I can't imagine my world without these girls and I miss them everyday. I love our annual trip and I am already looking forward to 2009. Thank you again girls for the shower. And Rigsby, thank you for letting us enjoy the beach house and for being a wonderful hostess.


Elizabeth Sloan said...

Great recap, Lil' Gin! I miss you already:)

Tara and Felix said...

Great "prego version" Ginny! I can't wait to see you in June and meet baby William :)

Jess said...

You did a great job!! Can't wait to see you VERY SOON!

Tara McClendon said...

Glad we finally made the blog! I've been waiting on your OOC post!! Love you!!

jane said...

hey ginny- hunter gave andrew your blog address... we want to see a good side view of your preggie belly!
can't wait for our little boys to meet... boys are the best! like having a little boy friend w/ you all the time!
i'll be posting some of my 'lessons learned' from my first year of mommying... so if you are interested in my opinion on everything baby related ;-) then keep an eye on my blog. i'm hoping there might be something someone might benefit from... but it may at least be interesting if nothing else.

andrew and i will be keeping an eye on your blog for news of the little mans arrival... and of course, pictures!