Friday, February 10, 2012

October 2011

I am going to backtrack and share some pictures of the boys from the last 6 months. It is extremely hard for me to find time to update the blog, but I feel guilty for not doing it...for not keeping a better record of the things we do and how fast the boys change.  I guess it is just part of being mom of two, wife and working woman, but I could definitely benefit from a time management class. In the meantime, you will just have to bear with me and relive Halloween in February.
A couple of pics from our trip to Dream Field Farms 2011.  We met some our friends from church there, but the only one I have a picture of is Sylvie, but what sweet picture it is!

My sweet husband took me to Rosemary Beach for our Anniversary.  Hunter and I were married on October 25, 2003.  We honeymooned in Seaside because I had to be back in Montgomery for Law School the Thursday after our wedding.  Until our honeymoon, neither of us had spent time at the beach during the fall and now it is our most favorite time to go!  Russ and Claire joined us for our little adult getaway weekend and it was WONDERFUL!  I have never seen 30A look so pristine!  Aaahhh, I would love to be there now.  Thanks to Nanny, Pop, Meme and Uncle Chuck for entertaining the boys.  We celebrated 8 years of pure bliss; right Honey?!!

 Jackson and his Aunt Kat after half-time at the Andalusia v. Opp Game...she always leaves her mark on my boys!
 William wore his Buzz costume to Grover's aka Spiderman's birthday party.

 Who knows what is carved into my pumpkin?  I did that all by myself...Hunter had his doubts.  And how sweet is that baby pumpkin sitting beside it?!
 A true highlight of October 2011 was sweet Henry's arrival.  Henry Burke Martin came into the world with more hair than Jackson has now!  Love that sweet little man.

I bought these shirts because they were "boyish" owls. This was just one morning before school when they happened to be in a good mood at the same time.  And yes, I plan to get away with as much matching as I can before William thinks it is not cool.

We dressed the boys as Buzz and Woody for Halloween and did some trick-o-treating in our neighborhood with friends. Quette and Grandaddy stopped by before we started and Nanny and Pop walked with us some.  Then we headed over to Bellwood to visit MeMe and Uncle Chuck.  When William decided he wanted to be Buzz for Halloween, I thought, "great, this will be easy...there is a Buzz costume at Wal-Mart for $10!"  However, when I brought it home, the first thing William said was, "where are my wings?...I have to have wings." Soooo, daddy to the rescue.  Hunter cut up a UPS box from the office, spray-painted it green, attached some elastic and walla...."to infinity and beyond!"
 William, Ollie and Row visiting Ms. Claire.  Sweet Ollie got to where she was letting William go ahead so that he would not knock her over with those wings of his.  He finally realized what was happening and started turning sideways so she could get by.

 Our last stop was our neighbors, The Andrews.  Kiley was just arriving as William was finishing up, so naturally William was a gentleman and rang the bell again so Kiley could "trick-o-treat at Mr. Michael's!"  Kiley is William's best friend at school.  I love it because I can always count on Kiley to keep William in line and let me know when he does not follow instruction.
 "Woody's" daddy will not like this picture, but I need a full shot of Jackson in his costume.  I hand stiched the vest (don't be impressed...a little wine will make you think you are a seamstress)  No cowboy hat for this Woody, it was too cold and Mommy insisted on the tobogan.  We borrowed the boots from Grant Henderson, aren't they precious?!
Whew...that is October.  Give me a bit and I will work on November.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Found it!!!

If you think I am talking about my mind, you are is a lost cause.  However, I did find the password to the blog, so maybe now I will update!??

Monday, October 3, 2011

1/2 Birthday!

Sweet Jackson is 6 months old!! Just a couple of fun facts to help us remember.  Jackson is about 17lbs and longer than his brother was at this age.  He is babbling something that sounds like "Dada"...I'm sure that Mama is next.  He sits with assistance and he just started rolling over from back to tummy.  However, when he gets to his tummy, it does not take him long to get mad.  He can roll back, but most of the time is too angry, so William will help him.  He is eating baby food and loves sweet potatoes just like his brother did.  He is sleeping okay.  He started out really good, but has started to pick up some of his brother's terrible sleeping habits.  Jackson loves William and I believe the feeling is mutual.  William will not spend-the-night away from home without his baby brother.  Before Jackson came, William loved to stay at Nanny and Pop's.  Now, if we bring it up, he says he has to go with his baby brother.  William can also make Jackson giggle like nobody to my ears!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Where we are...

This is where we are...busy with life...a three year old, a 4 almost 5 month old and a sister who has started her SENIOR year of High School.  Oh how fast time flies!  I get so emotional thinking about how quickly time is passing and that my babies are growing up.  And yes, Kathryn is my one of my babies.  I am so incredibly proud of all that she has accomplished and the beautiful young woman that she is.  I am looking forward to soaking up every second that I can with her during her senior year.  We love you Kathryn!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jackson Harold Grimes

Jackson Harold Grimes, born April 1, 2011 at 10:05am. 8lbs, 21inches

A perfect blessing that we are so very thankful for!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you ready?

This is a question that has been asked of me over and over again for a couple of weeks now. I assume that most people are asking if I am ready for Jackson's arrival. For those of you that know me really well, you already know the answer. No, I am not ready. I have been working at it though, with the help of Hunter around the house and all of my sweet friends and family that have showered Jackson with gifts.
I am scheduled to be induced tonight, so Jackson should arrive sometime tomorrow. However, despite my attempts to adequately prepare; the house is a disaster, my bag is half packed and to be quite honest; I am nervous. My mind has been constantly racing...I wonder if I really have everything here that Jackson will need...will my delivery be smooth and healthy for Jackson and I both...will William be "ready"???

So I pause breifly this morning to say(and post for the first time since Thanksgiving); I am very emotional at the thought of leaving William this afternoon. I just know that we have spent our last few moments together as a family of 3 and the emotions of that realization are hard for me. So to my sweet, first, baby boy, we love you so very much and cannot be more proud of the big brother you are going to be. You have been kissing my belly for months in anticipation of your little brother's arrival. You even helped pick his name! Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to introduce you to Jackson tomorrow morning...Love you much!!

I have some really sweet pictures of William that I was trying to add to this post, but I have to leave for Montgomery and "blogger" will not let me upload them, after several attempts!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fall 2010 in Review

It's Thanksgiving and while WHG is napping, I am going to attempt to give a review of Fall 2010 so far. (Really, I started this Thursday during his nap and I am finishing while he is still sleeping on Saturday morning...) Life is wonderful and I am reminded so much with Thanksgiving that we have so many things to be thankful for today and always. I hope that I can remember to be happy in the present and give thanks in every situation to the ONE that provides our blessings. With that being said, let me show you some of the blessings and activities we have enjoyed this fall. Warning this is very long...get comfortable.
Here we go...

Meme invited us to Fall Festival at AES where we went fishing, picked up ducks and ate pizza with Britt and Parker.

We went to the Kiwanis Covington County Fair. William loved the merry-go-round, the trucks and the live-stock. He rode the merry-go-round with Mama and the trucks with Asher and again with Cooper and Crews.

William has developed a sense of style that is required to be "like daddy!" You may start to see a trend....

We visited Quette and Grandaddy for the Fall Festival at Bethany Baptist. William's favorite (other than the bag full of candy) was the jump house and the slide.

Hunter and I celebrated 7 years of marriage on October 25th. Hunter cooked a great dinner and set the table with our "fine" china and the Auburn place mats. My husband and our marriage is definitely something that I am ever thankful for!!

We attended Grover's 2nd Birthday. It was a dress-up party and William was a dog. We spotted an Auburn Football player, a UPS man, a duck, a cow, a pumpkin, Eore, Robin and lots of other fun things.

This is the only picture I got of the birthday boy...the back of his head...he was busy to say the least!

Later that night, William and some cowboys went Trick-o-Treating. William was not interested in changing out of his jersey, so he was a football player.

We went to Dream Field Farms with the Cottons, the Wells and the Bentleys. The boys all had a blast. It was a beautiful afternoon to spend outside. We watched pigs race, fed the goats, slid down the hay bail slide, went on a hay ride, rode the cow train and even brought home a pumpkin.

We have watched Aunt Kat twirl at the Andy High football games. It is so much fun to watch her perform...I love it! I cannot believe that she is a Junior this year. My baby sister has literally grown up before my eyes. My eyes fill with tears every time I watch her, simply because I am brimming with pride for the young lady she has become! Kathryn is beautiful and she loves William so much.

We have been to several of the Auburn home games. William loves the tailgate and everything about it. From eating things that Mommy does not allow much of at home to playing tackle football with cousin Winston. There is no way that I can post pictures of everything we did and everyone we have seen and visited with at tailgate this year. I know that I saw Aunt KK like 4 weeks in a row and I don't have a single picture with her. What I can do is tell you that it has been a wonderful season and we have loved every minute of it!! Aunt Leigh, Uncle Dale and Elizabeth allow us to make their home ours for the fall and for that we are so very thankful!!
We have made several trips to Tiger Walk with Winston, Sam and the Cotton boys once.

One of our trips up to the plains, Aunt Leigh treated William to a park visit. The boy loves to slide! We got to watch Elizabeth perform in the half-time show at Auburn High. This is the only picture I have of Elizabeth in her uniform; I did video though.

Nanny, Pop and Kat came up for the LSU game. No pictures of Nanny and Pop, but lots of Kat, Elizabeth, Grayson and Rob.
The Reaves and the Meeks were also on the plains for the LSU game and Ms. Tatum's 1st birthday!!

The day before the AU v. GA game, we went for my ultrasound appointment and found out that we are going to have another sweet baby boy in April!! He is healthy and we could not be more excited. AU v. GA was a big weekend...lots of people to see. Like the ones below at the Chi-O tailgate reunion. So much fun to visit with you on the plains for a bit.

The Kings were also on the Plains for the GA game. It was wonderful to visit with Kayla and Janna...but again I do not have a picture!! Janna definitely gave the tailgate a special "Auburn Spirit" and I am so thankful and blessed by her attitude and constant smile.

So, since it took me 3 days to finish this, we now know that Auburn has finished our regular season 12-0!! War Damn Eagle! On to the SEC championship game to face the Gamecocks one more time!